Are You Creating with the #InternetOfEverything in Mind? You Should

May 22, 2014

4:56 pm

At the 25th anniversary of Cisco Live (#CLUS), attendees got the first look at the Internet of Everything (IoE) Machine to experience what an Internet-connected world looks like. And, today, Cisco released a study that shows the 10 ways public sector organizations are capturing IoE value.

Imagine a world where smart billboards advertise a custom message to YOU dependent upon the time of day and how fast you’re driving (it’s already a reality in San Francisco). At the 25th anniversary of Cisco Live (#CLUS), the Internet of Everything (IoE) Machine debuted, allowing attendees to experience what an Internet-connected world looks like. The IoE Machine showcased an entire ecosystem, including: hotels, recycling, energy, and much more that – when Internet-connected – can change the way we live.

It’s a $1.6 trillion opportunity for service providers and it’s important to know what role your startup, business, city, even country plays. Even if you’re a startup company, it’s a good idea to think about how you can integrate into this ecosystem, because it’s growing fast. In just one year, not only has the conversation grown around IoE, but it’s actually happening.

Barcelona gets it.

Cisco and Barcelona Council formed a partnership in 2011, to “help transform the city into a blueprint for modern urban development through Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities platform.” As part of the Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat (BIT for the Habitat), they created an integrated parking solution that uses sensors to provide real-time visibility into open parking spaces in the city. This efficiency, new business models related to parking, and the ability to turn over parking spots faster have resulted in Barcelona generating $67 million annually since implementation.

The sensors used in the parking spaces are a great example of what makes the #InternetofEverything tick, but ultimately it’s the culmination of: people, processes, data, and things.

How can what you’re doing get connected? There are countless opportunities, but here are a few examples of “things” that are getting connected:

Connected Cars

Cars are just one of the underutilized Internet-connected devices that are ripe for the picking. With #InternetofEverything technology, cars could report diagnostic information and get system updates over a wireless data connection. Short-range wireless can help provide collision-avoidance systems that are both less costly and more comprehensive than current approaches.

Connected Parking

And, of course, there’s the whole issue of parking. How much of your life do you think you’ve spent driving around looking for a place to park? Probably too much.

There’s an Internet-connected solution for that. Cisco Smart+Connected City Parking alleviates many parking woes. The solution can also support traffic enforcement officers to locate violations more easily, generate more revenue from citations, and reduce vandalism and other safety issues via video surveillance.

Connected Recycling

How can cities make waste disposal and recycling more efficient? Through the Internet, of course. In a connected world, smart recycling bins would “talk” to waste management, tracking levels as they fill up throughout the day. Once they’ve had their fill, they alert local routers at the recycling facility to request a pickup.

How are you thinking about or already using IoE in your business or product? Use the #InternetOfEverything hashtag on Twitter to share.


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