Investments in Health Are Easy Thanks to ieCrowd Partnership

August 29, 2016

3:30 pm

Investors are always on the hunt for the next big thing. Whether it’s an augmented reality game that lets you capture imaginary creatures, or cars that can drive themselves, finding innovations worthy of your capital can be an arduous task. But if you are looking to invest in health, the partnership between ieCrowd and Crowdfunder is making it a lot easier.

For those that don’t know, Crowdfunder is a leading equity crowd funding platform that makes it as easy as possible to invest in budding startups and innovative technologies. On the other side of the partnership is ieCrowd, a growing community of impact investors focused on bringing health innovations to the marketplace. Together, they hope to make the health industry a more popular avenue for entrepreneurs to launch startups in. Their first product, Kite Shield, is a revolutionary new way to repel mosquitoes, a necessary medical investment in any circle.

“ieCrowd is a growing crowd of shareholders with a mission to bring breakthrough health innovations with global impact to market. The successful launch of Kite Shield demonstrates that crowd capitalism is not just a theory; it is becoming a reality,” said Amro Albanna, CEO of ieCrowd in a press release. “The new raise on Crowdfunder will advance our current innovations like Kite Shield and give investors the access to invest in these types of disruptive technologies with mitigated risk.”

The goal of the partnership is essentially to speed up the lengthy process of getting health-focused products out of the lab and into the hands of people that need them. Unlike other industries, the health market is plagued with regulatory measures and testing needs that significantly slow down the production. While these measures are obviously important in the health market, a lack of substantial funding is typical due to the slow turnaround rate.

However, with help from these two companies, investments in health should increase exponentially. By targeting high-impact investors, ieCrowd and Crowdfunder will be able to funnel capital into the health industry like never before. And that’s not just good for them; that’s good for everyone.

“I love the mission ieCrowd has set out to accomplish; it aligns closely with our mission at Crowdfunder to empower entrepreneurs to grow high-impact ventures,” said Chance Barnett, CEO at Crowdfunder in the same press release. “ieCrowd is democratizing access to impact investments and allowing investors to effectively diversify their portfolios with a single investment.”

After only a month, the platform has been able to help ieCrowd reach their lofty $2 million goal for Kite Shield. While the long-term impact of this partnership remains to be seen, the impressive start should spell success down the road for ieCrowd, Crowdfunder, and the health industry as a whole.

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