Don’t Rush to Buy an iPhone 6 Before Considering the Contract

October 11, 2014

2:00 pm

All too many people only think about the cost of mobile phones, without also considering the true cost of the contracts they sign. Whenever a new, hot phone hits the market, plenty of people rush out to grab it without taking the time to research which contract may be best for them. This leads to situations where mobile phone users fail to consider their true needs and instead find themselves locked into expensive contracts with service amenities that they didn’t really need.

From carrier to carrier, you’ll find a wide variance in prices for service that is often the same, and you’ll also find different types of contracts that can be helpful in getting the best price, depending on your circumstances. Whether you use data, talk, text or a combination of all three, doing your homework before you make a commitment is essential in getting the best deal. For those who buy SIM-only services, getting the best price on the new iPhone 6 is also a consideration. We’ll help you sort through these considerations by listing some great plans for your new iPhone 6 and explain what you can expect from the new device.

Two-Year Contracts

The majority of people still use traditional, two-year contracts when signing up for service and buying a new phone. This was a great way to get your hands on a new mobile phone when the true cost of them was too high for most to afford, but times have changed. The way that these mobile phone contracts work is they require an upfront payment to secure the phone, plus a signed agreement to purchase service over a period of two years. Over that time, the carrier makes back the money for the cost of the device, plus service.

If you’re looking for a new two-year contract but don’t know where to begin, then allow us to help you out by showcasing new plans that will work great on the iPhone 6. O2 is the provider of both of these plans, and they all include talk, text and data. The first plan features unlimited texts, 1 GB of data and unlimited calling for £38 per month with an upfront cost of £199 for the iPhone 6. The second plan costs £48 per month and includes a whopping 20 GB of data, unlimited calling and unlimited texting (plus a £209 down payment for the iPhone 6 64 GB). You can find out more about O2 plans by clicking here.

SIM-Only Solutions

SIM-only contracts are the second major type of contract that mobile phone users will be able to consider. This option is often the favourite of those who can afford to purchase their iPhone 6 or other device upfront and who don’t want to be locked down in an expensive contract for a long period of time. This allows anyone in a SIM-only contract to own their phone outright, and make the switch to another carrier after one year (in many cases) instead of two years.

Three and GiffGiff each offer a SIM-only contract plan that goes well with the iPhone 6. Three’s plan, for instance, includes 600 minutes of talk, 1 GB of data and unlimited texting for £10 per month. You can view all of Three’s plans here. GiffGaff’s plan, on the other hand, isn’t much different. It provides 500 minutes of talk time, unlimited texting and 1 GB of data for just £10 per month. When comparing the same model and type of iPhone 6 and these plans against traditional contracts, you’ll be likely to save £300-500 over two years by choosing a SIM-only plan. SIM Only Expert offers reviews and comparisons of all the latest SIM-only plans, which you can find

What’s New in the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have both received rave reviews, but what’s different from the last release? The change everyone is talking about has to do with screen size, as the new iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen (the iPhone 6 Plus has an even larger 5.5 inch screen). iOS 8 has been released just in time for use with the iPhone 6, though depending on when you buy, you may have download it separately. The camera has been improved, a faster computer processor is included and users will be able to take advantage of 128 GB of storage space with the latest models.

Don’t Rush Into Things

It can be easy to rush into a decision that will affect you for years, but your new iPhone 6 purchase should be both enjoyable and thought-out. If you do not consider the ramifications of what may occur when you fail to research contract options and pricing, then you’re bound to get a raw deal at the end of it all.


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