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August 24, 2014

4:00 pm

Do you love playing games? What a stupid question to ask! Everybody on this earth loves to play games and if it is an iPhone, playing games becomes all the more fun. Popular graphic games like Master of Crafts or The Rainy Day have well crafted animation for full fun and enjoyment. Do you want to be an iPhone game developer? It sounds so exciting! How would you go about learning the codes and getting all the hardware required and a distributor to distribute your creation amongst the masses? Let’s see how you can get it all started.

Everything depends on an idea

The first thing you need is an idea. An original, exciting and passionate idea that would get translated into a game. Look for the popular games in iPhone App store. Look in your gaming forums. Is your ideas unique enough to be developed into a game? Ask yourself this question before proceeding further.

Get the right tools to execute your idea

The greatest benefit of working on iPhone apps is that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get the hardware or the software to work with. The SDK that Apple provides free from its developer site gives you all the software and tools you require to start off.

Developing games means programming and apps in iPhone use Objective C as the basic programming language. If you have prior experience in programming and know languages like C or C++, you may spend a few days on learning Objective C. however, learning Flash is easier and you can always convert the Flash game to run on an iPhone. So, you better use it and create your own game.

Get help from free tutorials

If you get stuck with an idea, or need help with a code, you always have the free tutorials to bail you out. Try www.developer.apple.com and you can actually learn a lot.

Start your work right away

This is a small piece of advice from one the developers who have been extremely successful with iPhone apps. Set yourself a target and work towards it. Don’t wait to master Flash or Objective C. Just write a code and get something up on the screen. The first step is always important and you should take it as soon as possible.

Once you have the scratch on screen, you can work upon it and fine tune it.

Get help 

If you find yourself spending too much time on a piece of code or if certain areas turn out to be too difficult for you to learn, it is always betters to outsource them. Today, with all the freelancing sites, you can easily hire someone to handle these tasks so that you can focus on your main target.

Keep your target in mind

As you work on the game and develop it bit by bit, remember that it is primarily for iPhone and you should take help of the controls of the iPhone to enhance the gaming experience.

Needless to say, your game should be challenging enough to intrigue users and make them download it once it is available in the App store. So, your game should be difficult, fair and give users a sense of accomplishment.

Use free sound effects to enrich the gaming experience

Getting sound effects today is easy. You can get them free from the internet. Make sure that the sound effects are not too harsh or annoying. You can ask your friends for suggestions.

Get a real feel of the game

It is not enough to try on your own. Ask others to play the game and observe their reactions. You need to ask them about how they felt about it too. You can ask your developer friends also to try the game and ask them for their inputs. Find out whether they find the game interesting or easy to learn on their own.

Releasing your game in the market

To release your game in the market, you have to sign up with a developer program and the iPhone developer program will be of great help. The game also needs to be tested on an iPhone device before its official launch in the market for which you need the certificate that the iPhone developer program issues.

Submitting the game to Apple

You have come to the last lap of your trial and the game now needs to be submitted to the App Store for review and subsequent publishing. This may take a few days and you need to hold your patience.

Marketing your game

Any product has to be marketed well to generate positive response. To create a buzz amongst the iPhone users, you have to reach out to them. Issuing press releases and publishing reviews in app review sites will give your game a lot of exposure. Get into active blogging to make your game more popular and be ready to debug problems and release new versions.

If you have an idea and are ready to give a few months of your life to it, you can be the next big thing in the gaming world.

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