15 Israeli Mobile Startups Showcased in Silicon Valley

May 8, 2011

8:42 pm

Israel has been notorious for producing a number of technology startups. This is impressive when you factor in that Israel is about the same size as New Jersey. With numerous company successes and even a book that deems Israel the “Startup Nation,” it’s no surprise to see the California Israel Chamber of Commerce and Silicon Valley playing host to 15 Israeli startups that participated in the Israel Mobile Tour this past week. We’ve covered the Israel Web Tour previously in 2008, that included 5min which was acquired by AOL and delver which was acquired by Sears, among others. So let’s take a look at the fifteen startups that participated in the tour this year.

CellSec provides a disruptive technology that splits Android devices into two separate personalities: a Corporate Personality that is secure enough for business information and meets regulatory requirements, and an Open Personality that is open and can run whatever the user wants.

Digimo offers a mobile payment platform with the ability to launch mobile-payments, fully integrated to the point of sale, without a hardware or software change. Looking to replacement of the plastic card at the Point of Sale, Digimo has created a full umbrella of services that enable social & economic relationships between the business and their customers.

DudaMobile is on a mission to make websites mobile friendly. While most of us love our smartphones, the DudaMobile team is not fond of pinching and zooming through a website. They’ve set out to redefine the mobile web launching their hosted technology platform in 2010 to optimize websites for mobile devices. Now used by AT&T, Webs.com, HP and others, over 70,000 mobile sites have been built on the DudaMobile platform.

Exent is a global leader specializing in the marketing, distribution and monetization of PC and mobile games. Exent delivers products and services for various markets, including game publishers, broadband providers, mobile carriers, consumer portals, OEMs, retailers and others. New to the mobile space, with its 2011 launch of GameTanium™ Mobile, the company is merely scratching the surface of its play-everywhere vision to power the industry’s first seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms.

FellowUp is a personalized Executive Assistant powered by an insight engine for managing interactions. FellowUp offers professionals a private dashboard (web and mobile) to easily interact with, maintain, and gain insights about a network. FellowUp is designed to be effortless by automatically synchronizing and managing personal connections in one place.

Fooducate aims to help millions of consumers choose healthy, tasty, affordable food, and to affect positive change in the food industry. Fooducates offers a free iPhone app, empowering shoppers to automatically scan the barcodes of over 200,000 unique food products so that users can instantly see a products nutrition rating, bullet point explanations, and suggestions for healthier alternatives.

Innobell is an Android application that allows people to watch videos, play games, share photos, and more all within a chat session or a phone call. Innobell provides several social add-ons including Facebook, YouTube, PayPal and Google Maps that people can use during their chats or calls.

MoMinis offers free development tools and distribution tools for multi-platform, mobile casual games. Games are automatically ported to nearly any device and OS. The tools are utilized by MoMinis community of developers/PC game creators, both indie and professionals. Distribution channels for games created using the MoMinis tools include industry leaders such as NTT DoCoMo, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Telefonica and all leading appstores.

Onavo aims to help smartphone users regain control of their data usage, delivering transparency, management and control. Onavo’s first app, launched in April, connects your iPhone to their cloud-based technology, which compresses your data, saving up to 80% of your data charges. Once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before.

Perfecto Mobile is a leader in cloud-based testing, automation and monitoring solutions for mobile applications and websites, utilizing a wide selection of real mobile devices accessible via the Web. Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud™ Platform enables developers and testers to access and control a comprehensive range of the latest mobile devices connected to live networks worldwide. Users can use the Perfecto Mobiles handsets and tablets to develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services without having to physically obtain them.

TekTrek offers a mobile application eliminates the pain and trouble associated with losing your mobile phone. TekTrak is a unique application that allows smartphone owners to see the precise location of their phone at all times, and also secure any sensitive or private information stored on the device. Could this be alternative to Apple’s features in it’s MobileMe service?

Rewardy offers a loyalty experience platform for customer retention for small businesses. It also offers a set of useful CRM tools which allows small businesses to manage social media marketing to its customers.

Ringbow is a touch-screen oriented peripheral device that enhances the way people engage with the most advanced user interfaces, such as touch screens and visual recognition, by multiplying finger functionalities.

Zipory has yet to launch but looks to offer local businesses a mobile platform to easily create and manage a customizable mobile presence.

ZooZ is a powerful and highly secure mobile payment solution, allowing users to pay with their mobile phones at points of sale by linking safely and securely to your preferred payment method. No special hardware is required, just your smartphone. Just bring your mobile device and it sends payments securely and automatically.

Which application or product do you think has the most potential? Drop us a comment below to let us know.


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