It’s Alive: Leap2 and the Finer Points of a Living Search Engine

May 10, 2013

1:00 pm

Web searches are a new chore in our world. Look this up, find out where we are going; what is the menu for that restaurant again? Sometimes you nail it, but other times you are left out in the cold with the worst Chinese food you have ever tasted.

Mike Farmer, along with Dan Carroll and Tyler Van Winkle, feel your pain, friend. After all, why should every search result be list-based? Why not give people a context to go along with their query?

Normal web searches have grown a bit stale over the last few years, and Farmer, Carroll, and Van Winkle decided to create a new search engine: a living search engine.

Designed and built on a Living Search platform, Leap2 provides real-time information paired with instant web results for users.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 1.50.47 PM

The Leap2 app can bypass traditional search lists and showcase the top web results for the user’s query. The result is rapid access to relevant information instead of browsing through a list of links.

“It just came to mind that there had to be a different way to access and search the web,” says Farmer.

You are out in a new part of town, looking for a good bar. You pull out your smartphone, search for bars in your area, and Leap2 provides you with web results. However, Leap 2 also pulls in all real-time media streams related to said bars to provide you with a social media context.

That way you can see that there is a highly rated bar a few miles away, while simultaneously seeing that @Ilovetomakeirrelevanthashtags has tweeted about a hot, local band playing at that bar tonight. Users are presented with a much more in-depth view of their search results.

“Context is everything, and having that context makes the web interesting and fun again,” explains Farmer. “Social media brings serendipity back to search results.”

Leap2 satisfies mobile, social media power users through web searches and real-time social media integration. However, the competition is stiff with Google at the top.

Google holds a 96 percent share of the market, but the Leap2 team is not discouraged. They work to carve out their own place by focusing on bypassing traditional search lists, directly integrating social media, and proving search alerts on updated information.

The Leap2 search experience is currently designed and optimized for mobile use, but the team is looking to release tablet and desktop versions in the first quarter of 2013.

Leap2 was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Kansas City Mixer & Startup Showcase on May 7th. 


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