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February 25, 2009

10:56 pm


Back in September at the TechCrunch50 event I wrote a brief post about the top 10 products I wanted to try as of Day 2. Today I can honestly say that there is only one product on that list that I still use everyday – it’s OtherInbox. I set it up shortly after TC50 and started seeing the benefits within a few weeks – particularly as I started using it for other new startup registrations. They claim that OtherInbox is for “Anyone who can’t keep up with their email” but I say it’s for anyone who likes to feel more organized and in control of their mail experience, even if they aren’t perpetually overloaded as many of us are.

Here are some examples. I recently signed up for accounts at Netflix, Wired and Ad Age using the following email addresses: Netflix@[myaddress], Wired@[myaddress] and AdAge@[myaddress] Now, instead of all of these emails hitting my daily business account, everything goes into its own neat little folder in OtherInbox, showing mail counts, ability to save individual emails and more. The best part is that if I forget to visit the site, they send a consolidated activity email to my daily account (which you can control via your settings).

So now, at a glance, I can see that Netflix sent me 1 email in the past week, Wired has yet to send me anything (what the heck!) and Ad Age has sent me over 140 mails (thank god they are not coming to my main account). And these mails will sit in their organized little bins until I feel the need to check them out, delete them or whatever.

Some of the judges on their panel at TC50 were a bit harsh, claiming that Yahoo! and other services already have this capability. Of course similar functionality exists, but OtherInbox has made it a better experience, not buried within Yahoo!, AOL, Google or another email service. And the point is, I don’t have to give out my business email address to lots of sites that I do want information from, but don’t necessarily need or, in some cases, trust. It’s clean and separate which I like. And since this is their sole purpose, they’re working on additional features and filters to make OtherInbox even more useful – like filters for Groups and sites like Craig’s List. They also have a new iphone app – although I’ve had a hard time signing in on it and when I can, it won’t seem to remember me -argh… I’ll talk to them about that at TECHcocktail DC.

I currently have 40+ boxes in my OtherInbox, ranging from new startups I’m testing, newsletter subscriptions, store sale updates, and I seem to add at least one per week. It’s a good system that has become part of my normal routine. And while I like how it keeps my business accounts clean, I love how organized it makes me feel and how easy it is to find what I need. Looking forward to seeing them at TECH cocktail DC 4 and seeing what else they have coming down the road.

Also be sure to check out this video walk through that Jimmy Gardner pulled together (below).

If you would like to give OtherInbox a try we are offering TECH cocktailers a few beta invite codes on a first come first serve basis. Go sign up for a beta invite at:

OtherInbox is launching publicly at SXSW including two new features, Gmail integration and calendar integration (more details here).  So this invite code is a “sneak preview” of the goodness everyone else has to wait for! 🙂

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Jen Consalvo is the Cofounder and COO of Tech.Co. She previously worked in product development for almost 13 years at AOL for audiences of millions. Follow her on Twitter at: @noreaster.

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