Jacques-Elliott Kickstarter: One Size Fits the Universe

October 16, 2014

10:30 am

Elliot Aronow started selling unique ties during the holidays, but after popular demand he’s quickly turned Christmas gifts for friends and family into a successful tie company that has already raised almost $11,000 on Kickstarter. The brand — Jacques-Elliott — is a democratic and accessories lifestyle brand run by Aronow.

“It’s a lifestyle and accessory brand,” says Elliot Aronow, the CEO and designer of Jacques-Elliott. “It’s kind of like a punk rock Martha Stewart–it’s anything that makes your life more stylish and allows your outfit to help you navigate the world. To me, that’s why I’m interested in clothing, I see it as a means to improve your life and send a really positive message out to the world.”

With 8 days to go on Kickstarter and a goal of $18,000, here’s what you should know about the up-and-coming brand:

  • Their tagline is “One Size Fits the Universe”
  • The ties are sold at Odin in New York and merchandised with Thom Browne and Rag and Bone.
  • Aronow will use the funding to “buy into funkier, more dynamic fabrics, expand our range of products and create a top notch e-commerce site,” according to their Kickstarter page.
  • “The Perfect Tie” has a width of 3 1/8 inches and it’s slim and modern. They’re “cut from rare, deluxe fabrics that have loads of pop and texture. Guaranteed to bring you discreet, positive attention,” reads the Kickstarter page.

Aronow has always had a passion for clothing and fashion. However, he wanted to avoid creating a highly-exclusive brand because he wants everyone to have access to affordable and beautifully designed accessories.

“I’m really interested in using clothing to make the world a better place, and hopefully a place where you can excel doing what you love because you feel comfortable with who you are and how you dress. It’s more inclusive than other fashion brands,” says Aronow.

Aronow is also taking his brand a step further by offering “The Tie Times,” a limited-edition ‘zine which gives insider style advice and curated content.

“On one level you have the product and on the other level you have the information and content that will allow you to use those products,” says Aronow.

More About Aronow and Jacques-Elliott

Aronow was born in Staten Island and was named “the go-to guy for men’s style” by the Wall Street Journal. Aronow also has a passion for punk rock and is a former co-founder of RCRD LBL with Pete Rojas, the world’s first free and legal downloading site.

“He worked with Grammy Award winning artists including Mark Ronson, Diplo, and Gnarls Barkley and helped to revolutionize music curation and distribution for artists, brands and fans alike,” reads and excerpt from a press release.

Based on his own experiences, his advice for young entrepreneurs who are starting their own brand is to create a consistent message.

“I think a reason that a lot of brands are not successful is that they’re very sort of ambiguous,” says Aronow. “You want people to see your Kickstarter video, your Kickstarter campaign, one of your products and interview with the founder, and it just needs to be really, really consistent – you can’t poke any holes in it because every part of it connects in some way.”

To learn more, watch this video:

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