Why JavaScript is the Programming Language You Need to Learn

September 6, 2017

6:30 am

Do you know what this website and Facebook have in common? Both use JavaScript. In fact, just about every website uses JavaScript. Considered one of the three core languages of web development, JavaScript is a handy language responsible for everything from pop-ups to animations to auto-complete. If you’re interested in a career in front-end development, then you should check out the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle.

An extensive array of 15 courses, this bundle will teach you what you need to know, from the building blocks of JavaScript to advanced procedures. Learn how to employ the AngularJS framework to build single page web applications, deciphering its uses and limitations along the way. Discover the secret to leveraging the UnderscoreJS library to filter, group, and sort items through the utilization of a practical example project. What’s more, you’ll learn to visualize data from spreadsheets with D3.js, streamline tasks with Grunt, and explore how to incorporate Bootstrap with AngularJS to create interactive and dynamic websites.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in front-end development or simply looking to pick up a new skill, this bundle is a great resource. All courses are taught by industry professionals and are broken down into easy to follow lessons complete with practical examples. And with mobile and web streaming and lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace just about anywhere.

Front-end web development is a viable and lucrative career field, and you can become a contributor sooner than you think. Get the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle today for just $29 and start using JavaScript to build web applications that are both attractive and functional. Start your training today and begin your path to a fun and fulfilling career!

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