7 Personal Things You Might Not Know about Jeff Clavier

January 10, 2014

3:00 pm

Besides offering advice on funding and entrepreneurship, Jeff Clavier shared a few personal things with our TCWEEK audience this Wednesday in downtown Vegas.  Here are seven tidbits you might not know about the SoftTechVC founder.

1. Clavier decided not to invest in an early version of Pinterest because he thought it was ugly. “Someone’s piece of shit is someone else’s Pinterest,” he said.

2. Clavier loves wine (in case you haven’t read his Twitter bio). “I’m a wino – I was French, after all. And I was born in the wine country as well,” he explained.

3. Clavier doesn’t like huge events like SXSW. “I have a team that enjoys those kind of zoos and I don’t,” he said. “I’d rather hang out with entrepreneurs.”

4. Clavier doesn’t invest in industries like greentech partly because the amounts are too high, and partly because he doesn’t want to take the risk. “It requires bigger checkbooks and balls than I have,” he said.

5. Clavier got a Master’s in computer science and a minor in distributed computing. His first startup was acquired by Reuters and tried to build a “Bloomberg killer” – which didn’t exactly do its job.

6. To make connections in the tech industry, Clavier used to spend all his weekday evenings out in the startup scene. “I had a deal with my lovely wife that I would basically be out almost every night to go and hang out with entrepreneurs,” he said.

7. Clavier is opinionated. “Disclosure: I always say what I think,” Clavier said. “Sorry about that in advance if I piss off anyone. Bye bye.”

Watch the full interview with Jeff Clavier of SoftTechVC and Frank Gruber of Tech.Co below.


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