JFrog Features the Complete Package for Faster Software Release

December 22, 2016

2:20 pm

With the way technology operates nowadays, almost every advanced company needs to slowly become a software company. Regardless of the field they operate in, using software is a necessity at this point, in order to give customers what they want. They also need to remain competitive, by trying to be faster than the competition.

In order to do so, a DevOps process is important. It brings several benefits in terms of the speed, frequency, and reliability when software is released. JFrog is a leading DevOps accelerator, and it features a product package which promises to highly impact the speed of software release.

JFrog’s mission is to give companies the tools they need to release software faster. It does so by providing a universal solution for them to manage, distribute, and perform security scans of binary software artifacts. This happens with the four products that the company has to offer, which are incredibly useful for software development.

JFrog Artifactory

This Universal Binary Repository Manager supports software packages created by any language or technology. Being an enterprise-ready solution, it has several positive aspects, such as high availability, massively scalable storage, multiple layers of security, and cross-site collaboration. Artifactory integrates with all major CI/CD and DevOps tools, too.

JFrog Bintray

This product is a cloud Universal Software Distribution Platform that natively supports all major package formats. It allows companies to work seamlessly with industry standard development, build, and deploy tools.

This platform integrates with any DevOps ecosystem, and allows full control over every aspect of software distribution. This happens thanks to a rich REST API, including fine-grained access control, EULA tracking, usage statistics, log management and more.

JFrog Xray

Xray performs Universal Component Analysis and works with JFrog Artifactory. It recursively scans all layers of a company’s binary packages, thus providing radical transparency into their software architecture. This product also reveals a variety of vulnerabilities at any stage of the software application lifecycle.

JFrog Mission Control

This is a platform for centralized control over all the Artifactory instances a company has. With this, it is possible to globally manage and monitor all of the artifact assets. With such a clear picture over development, IT and Ops leaders can control, in real-time, the development, distribution, and consumption of the company’s software packages.


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