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February 29, 2016

8:00 pm

The hiring process is becoming more digital with each passing day, with job postings and public resumes available to anyone looking to find them. Job search engines emerged from a need to organize all the employers and job seekers in one place, giving them quick and reliable access to one another. Using the right job search engine could be the difference between you finding the career of your dreams or struggling through outdated and poor quality offerings.

Here are the 3 powerful job search engines available today to help you find the perfect career.



One of the newest and most deeply developed job search engines, AdsWish hopes to change the face of online classifieds. AdsWish is a one stop for job seekers, employers and service providers, as well as consumers.

You may notice right away that AdsWish has kept things simple with a beautiful, streamlined search page and easy-to-read results. Too many job search engines these days bury you in options to refine your search, complicating what should be a simple process.

From the welcome page you can focus your search for services, employers or resume posters. AdsWish will show you a comprehensive and thorough list of relevant listings from around the Internet, then send you simply to the original post. Don’t worry about having to sign up or fill out third party forms just to get to the application process. AdsWish makes it simple to find and apply to jobs, or find the right candidate for your open position without jumping through hoops or sitting through lengthy loading screens.

With an aim to be the leading online classifieds, AdsWish also offers functionality for consumers to connect with service providers of all kinds. By providing powerful search results on a simple platform to all participants in the service industry, AdsWish is our number one choice of job search engine for being that and so much more.



For how popular Indeed is, their interface leaves a bit to be desired. Still, they offer some of the deepest search results in the industry, taking their results from huge sites like Monster and CareerBuilder.

Unlike AdsWish, Indeed strictly deals in hiring and job posting, allowing employers and job seekers to make accounts and post directly to the site. It’s nice to have an account with which to save settings and keep better track of potential work, though most people find that they don’t need job-searching services for long enough to warrant an account.

Indeed also offers a helpful mobile app to let you track job leads on the go. They are a good source because of their extensive searches, but be sure to check the date your results were posted to get an idea if they’re still viable.



Like Indeed, LinkUp is exclusively intended for employers and job seekers to post and search for one another. Also like Indeed, they offer the option to create an account, which allows you to save your settings and receive relevant alerts.

The unique thing about LinkUp is that they only show results from company-run employment pages, which offers a number of advantages. One advantage is that you know the post is credible, not a scam and you will not get duplicate results. Another advantage is that your results will be timely, as they’re based on frequently-updated company pages and not job posts placed on third party sites that are easy to forget about. The disadvantage is that LinkUp does not offer the depth of results of other options, no matter how credible they may be.

Still, LinkUp is a solid choice for individuals seeking employment online and for employers looking for professional candidates.

Time to get started!

Now you have a variety of tools at your finger tips to find the right job for you, so what are you waiting for? Go make a search and see what opportunities await you!

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