This Site Lists 1-Year Startup Jobs Around the World

June 22, 2015

2:00 pm

One of the biggest obstacles to traveling and working – or being a “digital nomad” – is finding a job that allows remote work. But what if you could find work in your destination country? Not as an English teacher, but in a real, exciting startup job?

Jobbatical is a job site that connects people who want to travel and work with startup jobs around the world. The short-term jobs range from 3 to 12 months (mainly 12), in destinations like Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Japan. (The most popular destinations are Singapore and Barcelona.) Founded in 2014, the site now lists over 500 jobs in more than 40 countries, including:

When you click through to a job, you can read about the specific project you’d be working on and how much compensation you’d get (sometimes including equity). If you’re interested, favorite the job or apply directly on Jobbatical. The site is still in beta and currently free for both job seekers and employers.

“Jobbatical,” of course, is a combination of “job” and “sabbatical.” It’s designed for people who can’t stand a yearlong break from work but still want to get away. “We believe that travel isn’t something that should be confined to short two-week vacations, and that the experience of working and living abroad can wildly enrich people’s careers and personal lives,” says marketing chief Isabel Hirama.

For employers, hiring a short-term employee from another country brings in a fresh perspective but also opens up the talent pool. Some very skilled, freedom-loving workers don’t want to commit for the long-term, but they are willing to share their insight and enthusiasm for an action-packed year. So far, this model has attracted over 6,000 job seekers to Jobbatical.

Jobbatical was founded in Tallinn, Estonia, the sixth most popular European city for startups. Founder Karoli Hindriks was taking jobbaticals before she had a name for them, and now she wants other job seekers to have that opportunity. Are you ready to pack your bags? 

Image credit: Flickr / Marcus Holland-Moritz / CC BY-SA 2.0

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