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February 25, 2009

10:20 pm

So as many of you have seen in the TECH cocktail preview post, one of the local companies that are demo’ing tomorrow is DubMeNow. I did a review of them recently when they released their new iPhone application. For those of you who have not seen the service yet, DubMeNow is looking to make the traditional business card a thing of the past.

At it’s core, DubMe, is your business card in the cloud and an always refreshing mobile address book. Once signed up, you simply fill in all your pertinent information as it would appear on your business card. Then you can start sharing your data via email, SMS, or the web. When you meet someone you can simply send them an invite to my contact info via the iPhone app and they get my info automatically inserted into their mobile address book and eventually into their desktop address book when the phone is synced. Easy enough right ? What is even better is that if I need to change any of my personal info, like an updated phone number, I can do it in my Dub card and it automatically refreshes to ALL of my Dub contacts.

We are very excited to have set up and arrangement with the DubMeNow folks for our very own TECH cocktail Dub Codes. What you will need to do first is head over and sign up for the service and download the DubMeNow app to your iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile device. Go HERE to sign up.

1. Sign up for DUB (it’s free!) and download Dub to your phone.

2. Send a DUB invite by text or email from your phone.

3. Your contact accepts the invite and your profile details load directly into his or her mobile address book and synchs with Outlook.

4. You’re connected! Tag or add notes to your contact’s profile to remember context of your connection.

5. Change your profile – new job, new address, email, phone, etc. – and all your DUB contacts get your updates instantly. Any changes your DUB contacts make are automatically updated in your smart phone address book.

After you sign up send a Dub invite to techdc. This will connect you with TECH cocktail and allow us to let you know of future events and goings on we set up.

The other cool thing Dub set up for us is a special Dub pin that you can send an invite to. By doing so, you will be connected with all the other TECH cocktail attendees and allow you to exchange your info with them (just so you know, you also have the ability accept or ignore each individual’s contact info). All you have to do after signing up is send a Dub invite to 823r. That’s it ! All done. And without even exchanging a business card, you will be connected. Spend more time focusing on the great people and startups not worrying about where to put all those silly business cards.

So head over sign up and get connected. See you all tomorrow.

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