JotForm Poised to Replace Adobe FormsCentral

June 14, 2015

10:00 am

On June 22, 2015, Adobe’s FormsCentral will begin shutting down. As of that date, users will no longer be able to perform most of the functions that the forms software is famous for, including form creation, editing, and distribution. Although all of the saved forms that users have previously created can be accessed until July 28, this industry leader will lose most of its bite more than a month before Adobe officially pulls the plug. With this in mind, it is integral for FormsCentral users to select a new platform so that they do not lose any functionality. The good news is that JotForm is well-poised to offer businesses a smooth transition.

FormsCentral has long been a major contender in the forms market, and this makes sense because Adobe built a great tool. The decision to abandon this platform will have huge implications for hundreds of thousands of users, and the biggest ripple effect will be felt in the business world. After all, form creation is the lifeblood of many businesses.

JotForm has been offering online forms since 2006, and they quickly launched a migration tool to help FormsCentral users as soon as the platform’s retirement was announced. It is important to note that Adobe has partnered with JotForm to help their customers transfer everything as easily as possible. To date, more than 3.1 million responses have been recorded from businesses and individuals who previously relied on FormsCentral, and this makes it clear that the well-established startup company is in a good position to begin dominating the forms market.

The Adobe blog has done a good job of offering pertinent information to assist FormsCentral users throughout the entire process of switching to a new provider. For example, they recently covered the news that JotForm has an eSign widget. This is an exciting development for companies that create and store a lot of online forms because it is a convenient and fast way to collect signatures on important contracts and other documents.

According to Digital Journal, JotForm has the longest history in the online forms creation market. This suggests that the company has the right combination of useful and innovative features to withstand future competitors, especially when you consider that the extremely well-known Adobe name was not enough to catapult FormsCentral firmly and permanently into the lead position.

In addition to the eSign widget that combines the power of Adobe with JotForm’s form creation software, the innovative industry leader has also recently announced an analytics tool. Every user, including those with free accounts, is being given access to this tool, and this helps businesses track valuable conversion data. In a nutshell, pressing one button will make it possible to view multiple statistics, ranging from the number of views to the devices that are used to access each form.

If you are still using FormsCentral, it is definitely time to make the leap to a new forms platform. With JotForm, you gain the ability to smoothly transfer all of your files, and you will also be given the opportunity to take advantage of special options such as the eSign widget and analytics tool. With all of these perks, it is no wonder that Adobe has partnered with JotForm in order to give their customers the best transition experience.


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