Jumio Update: Targeting Bloggers

August 26, 2011

4:07 pm

Earlier this month, I reviewed the highly publicized launch of Jumio Netswipe.  The company hasn’t wasted anytime expanding their reach into the online payment space.  The company has now launched a WordPress plugin aimed at the small businesses and bloggers who utilize the platform to power their websites.

Websites who utilize the plugin will see a Jumio Pay Now button similar to what people are used to seeing with PayPal.   Given the ease involved with offering PayPal, it will be interesting to see how receptive bloggers are to integrating Jumio as a payment option.   A couple of points of consideration:

1. Jumio’s transaction fee of 2.75% is lower than PayPal’s fee of 2.9% (these are rough estimates according to their rate schedule).  Given the relatively smaller size of transactions on blogging sites, this may be a limited factor, but nonetheless, is something in Jumio’s favor.

2. Trust will be an issue, particularly given Jumio is a startup.  It’s one thing if Jumio payments are an option on a major e-commerce site, it’s another on a run of the mill blogging site that’s pitching their e-book on how to make a million dollars.   Would a consumer feel comfortable having a webcam scan their credit card on that type of site?

Even given this issue, the plugin is a smart feature to enhance Jumio’s long-tail distribution.   If and when Jumio can land high profile sites and build credibility in the market, the trust issue can be resolved and their reach will increase.

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Anuj Agrawal (@anujagra) is a digital media enthusiast in the DC area, with a passion for understanding what makes consumers tick. From the fundamentals of designing products that are engaging to understanding the psychology of the buying process, he has helped companies develop innovative consumer experiences.

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