The June Intelligent Oven: a Computer That Cooks

June 9, 2015

11:45 am

Renowned for cofounding Zimride – the on-demand ridesharing company we all now know as LyftMatt Van Horn unveiled this morning another major project that he, along with former Apple engineer Nikhil Bhogal, have been working on: an oven that will rethink the way people cook their food.

Called the June Intelligent Oven, it’s a powerful and simple-to-use computer-based countertop oven that integrates a quad-core processor, built-in camera, sensors, and Internet connectivity into one smart device that will make a chef out of any new cook in the kitchen.

“With June, we set out to use technology to remove the obstacles of making restaurant quality food,” writes June cofounder and CEO, Van Horn, in a blog post. “We’ve brought together the the best minds in hardware, software, design and food to create a beautiful countertop oven. It is equipped with advanced sensors able to detect the type of food, weight, and internal temperature of the most commonly cooked foods to make intelligent cooking recommendations. June can accommodate everything from a standard quarter baking sheet to a 12lb roast, perfect for day today use.”

Unlike mere apps that aim to help those in the kitchen cook various foods to their most desired quality, the June Intelligent Oven combines both smart hardware and software to determine when something is done to perfection. Based on the kind of dish/recipe and a home chef’s preferences, things like roast beef can be cooked to either rare, medium rare, or well-done; simply stick the meat into the oven, and it will automatically determine and let you know when that roast beef is cooked to your liking. Don’t know how long to cook something or at what temperature? Based on the kind of food, its weight, and its internal temperature, June will help determine and recommend how you should cook it.

To date, June has raised $7 million in a Series A funding led by Foundry Group, First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures, and Founders Fund Angel. Starting today, the company will be accepting pre-orders for the June Intelligent Oven. Back in 2013, Matt Van Horn joined Tech.Co in Downtown Las Vegas for a fireside chat; you can watch that interview below:

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