K-Goal: Virtual Trainer For Women to Improve Sexual Health

July 2, 2014

6:00 pm

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably heard about Kegel exercises from either your mother or HBO’s Sex in the City.

Kegel exercises is a method of strength training for the pelvic floor, which is said to improve women’s sex life and health. It also comes highly recommended by doctors for pregnant women. But studies have shown that up to 30% of women do Kegels wrong. Now women can get a virtual trainer to make sure they are exercising their ladybits correctly with kGoal. 

Described as fitbit for the pelvic floor, kGoal was created by a San Francisco-based startup Minna Life and is on Kickstarter looking to raise US $90.000.

“Pretty much everything else that’s out there right now is passive,” explains Jon Thomas, VP of manufacturing for Minna, the sexual health products company that designed kGoal in a recent interview. “You don’t have any feedback or any transparency into whether you’re doing the exercise correctly or how you’re actually progressing.”

The kGoal system is two-fold: the kGoal devise and an app for tracking.  kGoal functions as both an exercise tool and a performance monitoring and guidance system. It measures the force exerted by squeezing your pelvic floor muscles and can communicate that information back to you via a phone and/or the device itself. Best part is that using their app and the tracking device gives vibration feedback when you’re doing it right, which can be very motivating. It’s basically having a gym and a therapist in your vagina.

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