Keep Online Conversations Private With SecretSocial

April 19, 2011

11:30 am

Given this new startup’s technology, you’d think they be headquartered in Washington, DC (or maybe Langley, VA).  SecretSocial, which is still in beta, is a real-time service that provides secure, off-the-record conversations on the social web. Their aim is to be the happening but discreet ‘basement club’ of the social web.

The NYC-based founders brought their respective passions together in this very smart move to deliver some semblance of privacy to a medium—the web—that is all about information and exposure.  Zubin Wadia, CEO, is passionate about citizen safety and privacy, and Alexis Sellier, CTO, is passionate about the real-time web.  To keep things truly private, their servers do not log any data upon conclusion or termination of your online conversation.

SecretSocial was set up to let the topic drive the degree of privacy and participation. Initially, they expect this to be popular amongst users of Twitter who regularly strike up interesting conversations with people they want to know better.  SecretSocial makes transitioning from that initial Twitter skirmish to a relationship extremely simple. (You can also invite users over SMS and email.)  Twitter users can try out their Chrome extension.

Sign up for their private beta to see what it’s all about and watch the video below.

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