Keep Tabs On The Olympics With These 5 Apps

February 18, 2014

11:15 am

The Winter Olympics come once every four years and only stay for a couple of weeks. Most of the world watches these fierce competitions with dropped jaws and wide eyes as top athletes contort their bodies in crazy tricks and world-record speeds.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t completely come to a halt for these inspiring events, and the work week continues. So grab a smartphone or tablet, don your country’s colors, and hum the national anthem while following the Olympics with these best apps.

1. NBC Sports Live Extra

Anyone with cable knows that the Olympics are packed with overlapping events. It is almost impossible to watch it concurrently on TV, and anyone who tries is constantly flipping channels. NBC’s mobile app design of NBC Sports Live Extra provides anyone who has cable or satellite live streaming with full replays of completed competitions.

Available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

2. Sochi 2014 Guide

This is the official guide to the Sochi games detailing all of the venues, athletes, and host country Russia’s history. For all of the events you feel desperate not to miss, this is the perfect app as it provides a full schedule, photos from Sochi, maps of the events’ locations, and detailed information about each location and stadium. It is practically the Google of the winter games.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.

3. 2014 Team USA Road to Sochi

Getting to the games is an Olympic feat on its own. Four years of hard work, dedication, and competitions are involved for athletes just to arrive at the Olympics and represent their countries. Then the real fun begins with each team member competing for a medal. The team USA app allows Americans to follow their fellow USA competitors and read about their individual journeys to Sochi. There are athlete bios, interviews, and video clips of those representing America. This app keeps everyone up to date on each competitor as far as what competitions they enter and when their results come in.

Available on iOS and Android.

4. Sochi 2014 Results

This app is for fans who want to keep track of all the stats like scores, medals, and heartbreaks. With so many different events happening, it can be difficult to keep track of who has won what and how many medals each country has. This app keeps updates on the winners of events, medal counts of each country, and it has the option of selecting a group of favorite countries that it will automatically update for the user.

Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows.

5. NBC Olympics Highlights And Results

For anyone interested in knowing the brief results of the Olympics without having to sit down and watch the events in one chunk, this app will give the best moments of Olympic drama and glory. From each competition, this app updates the top moments and biggest shocks. The results are in real-time, and the app lists a complete schedule of events, online listings of where to catch up, and offers information during the primetime events that coincides with on screen action.

Available on iOS and Android.

With these five apps, Olympic fans everywhere can feel like they are right there in Sochi catching all the action.

Guest author Jessica Socheski is an avid writer and social media fanatic who enjoys researching tech topics. You can connect with her on Twitter.

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