Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet with Wutsgood

March 5, 2013

5:09 pm

It’s really hard to keep kids safe in the open world of the Internet.  It’s a space where anyone has access to basically anything at anytime.  And try as they might, it’s almost impossible for parents to have 100 percent control of what their kids are doing online.  There are several products out there that help protect kids from predators, cyber bullying, and other dangers.  Wutsgood is one of them.

Wutsgood is an Internet browser and social networking site for kids and teens ages 3-17.  The founders describe it as a “gated environment that is safe from adult interaction.”  One of the main features that differentiates it from similar products is that it provides children with the ability to report offenders on their own.  It also uses a patented registration process that checks all users against the National Sex Offender Registry.

The founders are Aisha and C. Ray Spires – a father/daughter team.  C. Ray works in the health care field and founded Washington Universal Imaging in 2001.  He has also spent several years as a Boys Club and high school football coach.  As a single parent and a coach to boys and teens, he understands the importance of Internet security with regard to young people.   Aisha is a recent college graduate who joined her father on the Wutsgood team.

As I mentioned before, Wutsgood is not the only browser geared towards kids that’s on the market.  The founders name  KidZui and Kid Safe as two of their main competitors.  KidZui is a browser for kids that directs users towards age-appropriate content, but it does not provide any security features as far as who can download and use the browser.  Kid Safe offers a number of features, including a browser, but, according to the founders of Wutsgood, it is not as effective as their product because it’s easy for kids to navigate away.

Wutsgood has a product that solves a problem facing millions of parents today.  Their ultimate goal is an altruistic one – to keep kids and teens insulated from Internet predators and cyber bullying.  Parents should be sure to read the website’s Privacy Policy where there is detailed information about how the product works as far as collecting information, screening their users, and ensuring the security they claim to provide.  Ultimately, a safer Internet benefits everyone, and it’s great seeing companies working to make this happen.

Kristin Pryor (@kristinpryor) is an archeologist by day and budding entrepreneur by night, who is enthusiastically  navigating her way through the DC startup space.  She has an unending passion for learning and is never satisfied with the status quo.  Her  current obsessions include wine, hiking, and Downton Abbey.

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