Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with AskMeEvery Reminders

January 1, 2013

3:00 pm

We’ve all heard the tips for choosing a New Year’s resolution – pick attainable, specific, positive goals – but what happens next? Besides finding a gym buddy, what else can you do?

AskMeEvery is one of the simplest tools imaginable to keep you on track. It sends you a text message or email every day, asking a question of your choice: how much sleep did you get? Did you exercise? Did you eat junk food?

“The simplicity is the key feature,” says owner Mark Moschel, who has been using AskMeEvery himself for over a year.  “You get the message, you reply, and you’re done for today.” A simple daily message means you don’t have to remember to do anything, you stay mindful of your goal, and you’re accountable – you know you will have to answer your daily question.

Adding to the accountability, AskMeEvery then tracks your data and creates graphs. You could see your sleep patterns over a month, or tell how many days you cheated on your diet. Users are even tracking things like how many pickup lines they try each day, and their kill count on Halo.

Moschel started using AskMeEvery for a simple question: How was today? With a record of all his bad days, Moschel finally gathered up the courage to quit his day job. He bought AskMeEvery from its developer, and has helped it grow to around 700 active users.

Paid plans are available for $2 per month, which let you get text messages (after a 30-day trial). Combining questions can lead to lots of interesting insights; for example, you could track your sleep schedule and how you feel each day, searching for a correlation between the two.

Many possibilities for such a seemingly simple tool.


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