KeepStream: Social Media Curation Wizard

October 6, 2010

7:40 am

There are plenty of tools out there now to keep track of all of your Twitter updates and Facebook posts – but what’s missing is a dashboard where you can see all of your social media content in a simple interface. A new product that launched as part of the Capital Factory incubator program, Keepstream, offers the ability to gather all of your favorite content in one place and then share your curated content with the world via a simple embed tool.

Once registered, users can choose which content they want displayed and then search, sort and add individual captions. With KeepStream you are able to highlight the most important posts that you find, versus having to lead your reader

s to a list of everything that was tweeted/shared. No longer will you have to create individual posts that recognize the various content you create or find, with KeepStream you can have it all in one place. Plus, thanks to their easy functionality, you can embed your KeepStream project wherever you want so that you don’t have to lead your readers away from your site. From KeepStream:

Now it’s easier than ever to demonstrate your expertise on a subject, increase the engagement of your website audience, or simply discover and discuss the most interesting content.

The KeapStream Team will be on hand at TECH cocktail Austin this Thursday October 7th showing off their social media curation tool.

Be sure to see another example of KeepStream’s real-time usage in their blog post on the recent Boulder Fire.

Jim England's KeepStream sample collection from Dave McClure's presentation at Capital Factory's Demo Day 9/8/10

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