Keepy: Making the Absolute Most of Childhood Memories

August 7, 2015

9:00 pm

In one way or another, everybody’s parents preserve their children’s memorabilia. Maybe it’s boxes upon boxes of old photographs, or perhaps it’s just a box filled with old toys and clothes sitting in the attic.

Regardless, the sentiment is the same: people want to create memories that don’t fade away. That’s actually the main motivation that Offir Gutelzon had when he created his platform Keepy.

It’s a family-centric app that provides parents with a set of tools to save their children’s childhood memories, which can then be shared with family, friends, and loved ones. Gutelzon initially wanted to find a way to save and share family memories in a safe, central place.

From there, however, it grew into a platform that takes photos, videos, awards, schoolwork, projects, artwork, and mementos and transforms them into a memory to be relived for years to come. What’s more, Keepy has an incorporated voice and video story feature that lets your loved ones leave detailed comments.

“I don’t want my kids to grow up any faster than they already are, but when they do, they’re going to love to look back at Keepy to see – and hear – the  story of their lives,” says Gutelzon.

He’s been able to build some pretty solid traction around the app to date, and part of the appeal is that Keepy is in effect a multi-generational app. That is, it incorporates feedback from parents, their kids, grandparents, and any extended family members: imagine how cool it would be to hear your grandparents’ voices when you’re older and have a family of your own.

“The Keepy community is larger than ever: we’re excited to see how many families are using Keepy to organize and share their kids’ photos and videos,” says Gutelzon. “In an age when taking a photo is easier than ever and sharing is part of our everyday lives, people tend to forget the value of curating their favorite images while preserving the stories behind them.”

In my opinion, the Keepy community will most likely continue to grow as Gutelzon continues to march forward. He’s even struck a strategic partnership with Samsung in an effort to extend the reach of services to as many people in America, but also the world over.

Image Credit: Keepy YouTube video

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