Tiny Blog: Kevin Rose Has a New Idea That Could Revolutionize Blogging

December 15, 2013

7:22 pm

Kevin Rose, well know web celeb, entrepreneur, and VC recently shared an interesting idea via Twitter.  It’s an idea that could revolutionize the way people blog. He named the idea Tiny Blog–a minimalistic blogging platform with an interesting twist.  The platform captures the blogger via web cam and records the writer and what is going on in their immediate environment while they are writing. This becomes the background for the text.  It can be presented as either a still photo or a video of what was happening live as the blogger was writing.

“What if we thought of blogging as a window into someone’s world?  You can actually see their environment under the post.”

Of course a lot of people like the anonymity that blogging allows, so this may not be for everyone. But on the other hand, social media naturally lends itself to voyeurism and there are plenty out there who lean towards exhibitionism. Being able to actually watch a blogger who I regularly follow and look up to while they’re  in the creative process is certainly something I would find fascinating. I see it as similar to watching your favorite chef in the kitchen, but perhaps more nuanced.

In what room of his house does my favorite blogger do most of his writing? What does he like to eat/drink while writing? Does he pick his nose?  Writing may not seem like a very interesting activity, but there is no limit to the behaviors that could be observed.  It could also provide some very interesting data to the right social scientists.

For those who might be concerned about the potential awkwardness of their readers seeing too much, the photo or video would be filtered and slightly blurred. Kevin has only created a prototype so far, but is requesting feedback from the public.

Watch Kevin Rose explain his big idea here.


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