How to Produce High-Conversion Explainer Videos

May 2, 2016

1:40 pm

You have a product or service that can relieve problems and pain for customers. Sometimes, bringing that customer to your solution can be tricky, especially if you are relying on a lot of text and perhaps some still images to present your solution. Admit it – this can be a bit boring. Enter explainer videos – a quick, easy presentation of the solution in an engaging and captivating way.

What Is an Explainer Video?

Briefly, this is an animated or live video that, within the space of 30-90 seconds, presents your product or service and the problems it resolves for your target customer. In this short amount of time, the visitor gets a clear picture of the benefits you offer.

There are a host of explainer video types, and businesses have used all types to increase conversion rates with solid results.

Here’s Proof

Some pretty amazing statistics demonstrate the power of explainer videos. These should motivate any marketer.

  • Using video on a landing page can increase conversion by as much as 80 percent;
  • Videos in emails can result in a click through increase by as much as 200 percent; and
  • One minute of video is enough to replace 1.8 million words.

Incorporating explainer videos in your marketing plan is really a “no-brainer.” You can tell your story quickly, engage the viewer with great animation, and get that increase in conversions.

The question then becomes, how do you do this? Here are some keys to producing a killer explainer video that should help.

1. A Killer Script

This will be the most critical part of your video. While the animations capture the eye, you have to explain the product and convince the viewer s/he needs it now. Then, you end with a call to action that will seal the deal. This is the ideal task for that creative someone on your team.

2. Characters That Are Relatable

Even though they may be animated, the viewer has to be able to relate to the characters. The main character must be likeable, and a strong connection is critical.

According to Warren Green, Head of Production at Qudos Animations:

“We are noticing that animated characters are becoming an increasingly common part of marketing campaigns as they help brands create a stronger emotional connection with consumers. Our agency has noticed demand for animated videos which revolve around a specific animated character grow by over 50% in the last year”.

3. Perfect Voiceover

The best script in the world will be ruined by a cheap mismatch of “voice.” When you select a voiceover talent, don’t scrimp on the expense – audition several professionals who do this for a living.

4. Good Flow

Your viewer has to love the video from beginning to end. This won’t happen if there are spots where the characters are silent or not moving. Be certain that there is movement and/or speech from beginning to end. These videos are short, so you should be able to keep the flow. For 60 second videos, for example, a 150-word script is all you need.

5. Sound Effects/Music

Don’t discount the need for high quality sound effects. If someone is banging a hammer, the sound must be heard. And music is a great filer, when characters are moving without speaking. Viewers are more engaged when sound is added.

6. Call-to-Action

Never end an explainer video without a call to action. Have a link to click, a phone number to call, or ask the viewer to leave an email address for more information. If the engagement has been there, if the viewer is convinced that your product/service can solve his/her problem, then the conversion will not be tough to get – ask for it.


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