Get Radiohead, Jay-Z, and Tenacious D Concerts Delivered to Your Device with Kickit With

February 12, 2014

3:10 pm

As a fan of music, I couldn’t imagine a better time to be alive.

Go back a dozen years or so- the way you consumed your music was likely controlled by one of the five media conglomerates- whether it be Carson Daly slinging music videos, some top-40 radio station, or a CD purchased from the front rack of Sam Goody.

Today, Carson Daly is doing whatever Carson Daly is doing, broadcast radio is losing listeners to satellites and smartphones, and Sam Goody is dead.  The Internet happened, and the world of music flipped upside down.  In a couple of clicks, you can stream pretty much any song from any artist.  (I love you, Spotify.)

That said, there still leaves something to be desired in terms of seeing a live show.  Although I do enjoy Jay-Z, I’m not about to drop $80 to watch him from the 300 level at my local stadium- and alternatives are lackluster.  YouTube offers an array of iPhone clips drowned in ambient noise.  Live audio recordings don’t accurately portray a show’s energy. EVNTLIVE, was recently acquired by Yahoo! and promptly shut down, and Stageit only offers live streaming events – the user must work around the band’s schedule.

Kickit With is offering a new alternative for those seeking concerts from their favorite artists.

Live Shows Straight to Your Screen

The UK-based startup has built a platform that allows users to watch both live streams and recorded shows on-demand from a variety of big name artists.  Best of all, the audio/video quality is worth the service’s nominal fee (which the artists control, and is currently free).  As Kickit With founder and CEO Hussan Choudry puts it, “we follow a strong quality control protocol, with each show being available by purchasing a ticket, we have developed a unique system which can match if not exceed the video quality of all the modern streaming technologies such as ‘adaptive bit-rate streaming and HTTP live streaming from multiple camera sources'”.

kickit with artists

pictured: Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Coldplay

Because Kickit With allows artists to monetize the shows they’re already performing, the sell to artists has been a success. Since launching in early 2013, the service has already registered more than 4,000 artists, and Choudry expects to grow that number to at least 10,000 by year’s end.

As previously mentioned, all shows on the site are currently free.  This has allowed Kickit With to test their system, tweak UX, prove the concept, and close some big deals.  “We have just closed a unique partnership with internationally recognized TransferWise to efficiently handle payouts to the content providers, wherever they are in the globe,” says Choudry.  Soon (within a week or two) artists will be able to charge for their shows, and will have complete control over the price.  The revenue split is 70/30 in favor of the artist, which is an industry leading rate according to Choudry.

On top of it all, Choudry promises the announcement of a “major show from a major artist” in the near future.  Stay tuned. 

Want to check out some live concerts while they’re still free?  Here are a few recommendations: Jay-Z, RadioheadMumford and Sons, MuseTenacious D, Green Day, The Arctic Monkeys, and more.

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