Creator of DrinkMate Launches KickStarter To Make Your Guitar Smart

January 17, 2017

12:50 pm

Coming off the curtails of CES, there is a clear indicator that 2017 will be the year of refinement in the technology world. Shaun Masavage, the CEO of Edge Tech Labs, a previous Startup of the Year contender, has decided this is the best path forward as they’ve developed a new device that allows would-be musicians to learn how to play the guitar. The traditional learning approach is to find an instructor, learn to read tabs, and watch countless videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, this is a very slow process, and without the small wins, it’s easier to rack the guitar and let it collect dust.

The newest way to learn how to play guitar involves an engaging and interactive system that throws students right into playing chords and music. Dubbed Fret Zeppelin, students can place a series of LED light strips that sit right above a guitar fret, and stretch down the entire neck of the guitar. For each string and each fret, an LED will indicate where a person should place their fingers, forming a chord. Alongside the hardware, a companion app will move a student step-by-step through chords to learn entire songs.

Fret Zeppelin is the third crowdfunding campaign for the company, with the first two being Android and Apple versions of their miniature Drinkmate breathalyzer both exceeded their goals. Five days into their current campaign, they have now exceeded the goal of $48,000, and still have a remaining 23 days to go. Within 24 hours of the campaign’s launch, Fret Zeppelin also surpassed $15,000.

“It was ultimately our desire to push the gas pedal on learning guitar that inspired our creation of Fret Zeppelin,” said Masavage. “​ We know so many people within our community that have a desire to learn how to play, but don’t due to time constraints, cost of lessons, and the struggle to learn proper technique. Fret Zeppelin replaces frustration with a fun, digital training tool that sits right on the neck of a guitar.”

Priced at $200 for a regular neck or $369 for dual necked guitars, Fret Zeppelin is expected to ship in October 2017. To date, Edge Tech Labs has successfully funded and delivered two sets of products from crowdfunding in the past.

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