Chargemander Kickstarter Success Proves Pokémon Go Is Still Relevant

September 7, 2016

3:00 pm

Just a few short weeks ago, the world was abuzz about Pokémon Go, a mobile game that utilized augmented reality technology and millennial nostalgia to become one of the most downloaded apps in the app store. Unfortunately, the game lost a lot of steam in the following weeks and become just another mobile game before it’s first update. However, one Kickstarter campaign has proven that Pokémon is still bankable by tripling their funding goal… in a single day.

Chargemander is a battery case for mobile phones. The campaign boasts that the device is the fastest charge in the world, with the ability to charge a smartphone in approximately 15 minutes, and it carries three full charges. As a gamer inspired charging case, it can finally handle the battery-draining games you love so much. And, for those of you who plan to use it to play Pokémon Go, there’s an added twitst: it looks exactly like a Pokédex.

Pokemon Go

The design and the practical application is no doubt the reason the campaign experienced so much success. Not only does it allow gamers to get involved with Pokémon Go like never before, it’s also catering to a group of people that are rarely represented in the market: mobile gamers.

“When you look at the other gaming platforms and consoles, there’s plenty of great gaming gear, but when you look at mobile phones, there is plenty of everyday gear, but nothing built specifically with gamers in mind,” said the creators in the campaign video. “The Chargemander is about to change that.”

After only a single day on the popular crowdfunding website, Chargemander was able to nearly triple it’s goal of $15,000 by bringing in a little more than $40,000. And while early bird specials have already run out, there are still devices available for as little as $69. But they are going fast. So if you want to keep the cost down on the coolest battery case in the Pokémon universe, you better hurry up.

Photo: Flickr / Eduardo Woo

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