Kid Lid Protects Your Phone from Toddlers

March 25, 2016

10:24 am

Every parent knows the drill: you get home after a workday and your toddler reaches for a kiss and a hug, immediately followed by a request to play a game on your smartphone. You give them that pleasure but, on the back of your head, there is always that little worry that the toddler will delete something important, call someone, and so on.

Granted, you can always prevent that from happening by recurring to parental control apps, but there is a more immediate solution: Kid Lid is a line of products that make the interaction between technology and toddlers better and safer, coming in the shape of keyboard covers and smartphone cases.

The Kid Lid keyboard covers are innovate and simple solutions to protect the laptop’s keys when kids are using it. With a patented design that makes it easy to slip in place over the screen, it creates a smooth outer surface that stops children to access the keyboard. With this, leaving toddlers watching a movie is easy, as accidents such as deleting an important file are now prevented.

More recently, Kid Lid came up with some new, sleek and protective iPhone and iPad cases. Thanks to the patented Kid Mode functionality (and other cool features), these cases are unlike anything else currently found on the market.

The bottom of these cases can be removed, flipped and reattached in a way that covers the Home button on iPhones and iPads, making it impossible for children to switch apps – with this, if you only want them to play a specific game, they will not be able to leave it.

Kid Lid launched crowdfunding campaigns (on different time frames) for both products on Kickstarter, both being absolutely successful. Now, their products can be purchased from Kid Lid’s website as well as a number of stores, such as Buy Buy Baby, B&H Photo and others. All products are BPA-free, without phthalates and come in 100 percent recyclable packaging.

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