Winners of 2014 Knight News Challenge Announced

June 23, 2014

5:20 pm

The Knight Foundation announced today the winners of the Knight News Challenge at MIT Civic Media Conference in Cambridge, Mass.

The winners of the grants are projects aimed at strengthening the internet for free expression and innovation, total awards of $3,466,000.

“The successful winners find solution for practical problems,” said Alberto Ibarguen, President and CEO of The Knight Foundation, before announcing the name of the winners.

The winners are:

Check Out The Internet– The goal of this project is to expand the reach and benefits of free access to the Internet provided by The New York Public Library (NYPL) to underserved youth and communities by allowing them to borrow portable WiFi Hotspot devices from their local libraries for a sustained period of time.

Measurement Lab– Project aims at leverage the skills as M-Lab developers to launch global censorship measurement tools that can produce robust, global data and clear visualizations that will inform the public about Internet censorship activity.

Getting It Right On Rights– This project will bring together these important collections to harmonize and evangelize a simpler rights structure, one that includes ways for works of all types, including works with unclear or no known rights, to be put online and made available to the public.

Who Are The Gatekeepers? –  The project will create a closed circuit online platform that will act as a double for the final project platform. This double will be used by our teams of journalists to upload their data together in an efficient and organized manner.

OnlineCensorship.Org – The project is a free speech project arising from the critical need for a more systematic approach to resolving free expression cases on the world’s most powerful social media platforms. The project’s goal is to defend and advocate for the speech rights of civil society groups, grassroots activists, citizen media makers, and independent journalists on social media

TextSecure – TextSecure, is designed to make secure end to end encrypted chat with friends, colleagues, and groups as simple and frictionless as sending a normal text message. They aim to make encryption completely invisible and make “private” the “new normal.”

Code2040– This project creates pathways to success for Blacks and Latinos in the innovation economy.

Ranking Digital Rights -The project will produce a ranking or index, that will score companies on what they are (and aren’t) doing to respect free expression and privacy. The data we generate will equip advocates, policymakers and investors with the facts needed to hold companies accountable.

Internet to Go– Chicago Public Library’s “Hotspots At Home” Program proposes to attack the problem of lack of access in the low income homes by providing FREE LOANED HOTSPOTS, along with loaned laptops, and enhanced, targeted skills training.


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