4 Ways to Improve Knowledge Exchange Among Founders

July 6, 2017

6:30 pm

No man is an island when it comes to the startup founders. Getting a little help, whether it’s from a cofounder, a mentor, or even a startup accelerator is the key to making success part of your plan. And if you want to keep the continuous education flowing, you’re going to need to find a way to exchange knowledge with your peers.

We asked five entrepreneurs how they exchange knowledge with other budding founders. Take a look at their answers below and starting learning about how to be successful.

Build Relationships With Other Entrepreneurs

Technology is a great tool to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn from each other, build communities and exchange ideas. I personally like Shapr, which is an app that matches you with other entrepreneurs and sees if you would like to meet up for coffee or get to know each other and build a professional relationship.

– Jessica Baker of Aligned Signs

Just Talk

Honestly, the best way to exchange information with a colleague is simple conversation. Join an industry community. Touch base with someone you follow on social media to ask for advice. Reach out to someone you think would be interesting to speak with. Communication is something you need to practice as an entrepreneur, regardless. You may as well learn something while doing so.

– Steven Buchwald of Buchwald & Associates

Join a Mastermind Group

One of the fastest ways you can learn from other like-minded leaders is to create a small group where you can talk on a regular basis. This provides insight and several other points of view while giving you accountability because you know you’ll have to report back every few weeks.

– Tony Banta of Calix  

Be Ready to Listen

What works the best for me is to meet as a small group (2-5 people) of fellow entrepreneurs for a lunch, coffee or beer, and talk about anything with no particular agenda. Be ready to listen to the others’ wins and challenges. We have the same mindset, and even if we start talking about football, we usually end up discussing business and share our experiences.

Milan Steskal of Mentegram

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