Kojami Keeps On Truckin’ with Powerful Event Marketing Services

December 21, 2012

1:00 pm

Back in June 2011, I wrote about DC-based Kojami, the event planning mobile solution that helps you maintain a rockin’ social life. Kojami also offers companies some powerful event marketing services, including tracking attendees, sending out newsletters, and measuring everything for improved results.

Kojami is still going strong, and Tech Cocktail recently hosted the startup again at our DC Mixer & Startup Showcase in November.

Below, CEO Randall Olade obliges us with a little Q&A about his successful startup.

Tech Cocktail:  Who does Kojami target?

Olade:  We target the post-college crowd looking for a better way to stay connected with places, people, groups and organizations that they are interested in the most.  A simple way to get the stream of everything that’s happening amongst all the entities straight to your mobile device.

Tech Cocktail:  What was the inspiration behind Kojami? What do you enjoy most about working on it?

Olade:  We travel often, and whether we in town or out of town, the questions are exactly the same.  ‘I wonder what’s going on tonight?’.  The process is so tedious; the truth is entities would like to get all this out there, but don’t really know how. Obviously we really want to know what’s going on but don’t know where to start or how.

The process of finding out how this system can continually improve by talking to users is the most interesting part of the whole thing.

Tech Cocktail:  Who is your greatest competitor, and how do you differentiate yourself?

Olade:  I would say Facebook, Meetup and Eventbrite.  They all have their own focus, but essentially all three are limited to your network. They are meant to serve other purposes and can easily integrate into the Kojami product.

Tech Cocktail:  What is the biggest advantage and disadvantage of starting up in DC?

Olade:  Our city is great, but people are less imaginative and closed to trying new things.  Its highly established!

Tech Cocktail:  Describe a challenging moment or a crucial decision for you as an entrepreneur. How did you handle it?

Olade:  Leaving the beaten path that you’ve worked so hard to build, and diving into the unknown.  We basically dealt with it by understanding the worst-case scenario; surprisingly, we were already living it.  Made it a lot easier after that to leave everything behind.

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Meg Rayford is a communications consultant based in Northern Virginia. She previously spent two years as the Director of Public Relations for a nonprofit startup, where she learned a lot about providing clean water for impoverished countries, even within the confines of a bootstrapped startup.

She is the editor of Tech Cocktail, and she develops media strategies for companies in Washington, DC and Virginia. You can read her most recent work in the marketing chapter of the upcoming book, “Social Innovation and Impact in Nonprofit Leadership,” which will be published in Spring 2014 by Springer Publishing. Follow her @megkrayford.

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