Stephanie Lampkin of Blendoor Talks Startup of the Year Success

September 2, 2016

2:30 pm

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For the last four years, Tech.Co has held the Startup of the Year competition designed to find the best and brightest startups in the world. Not only has it created a lively, competitive feeling to our yearly conference, it has also helped some budding startups get the attention they deserve from the outside world. This year, Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 is no different, as we have culminated a list of the top 50 startups from every state and country you can imagine to compete for the ultimate prize: our undying affection. Plus cash prizes and accelerators interviews.

But what else can winners of this prestige prize expect to enjoy after the conference is over? Last year, Blendoor went home with the crown and they deserved it. As a mobile job matching app that uses a blind recruiting strategy to circumvent unconscious bias which intentionally facilitates diversity, they contributed to a better future for the tech world in an innovative and interesting way. But don’t take it from us. Take it from the pitch made by Stephanie Lampkin, the founder and CEO of Blendoor.

“A white, male, Christian sounding name accounts for eight years of experience on a resume. So why does diversity matter? Companies have been doing pretty well without it up until now. Well for one, there’s a significant US labor shortage because of retiring baby boomers. So recruiters have to find a creative way to find new talent. Secondly, studies have shown that gender diversity in leadership alone leads to 53% higher return on sales and a 60% higher return on invested capital. So companies get it. They understand that this contributes to innovation.”

Stephanie Lampkin has championed diversity in more than just her own startup. With a 13-year career in tech spanning companies like Microsoft, and TripAdvisor, she is all too familiar with the difficulties faced when one doesn’t look like the prototypical engineer. Through technology and data, her mission has been to reduce bias and challenge the assumption that homogeneous environments are a meritocracy.


Stephanie is so committed to fostering equality in the startup world that she wants everyone to know what Tech.Co has done for Blendoor through the Startup of the Year competition by talking at this year’s conference! She’ll talk about the progress her company has made since they won and her personal experience as the winner in 2015.

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