Get Last Minute Christmas Gifts at a Discount with Antengo

December 23, 2011

3:19 pm

Scenario #1:  It’s two days before Christmas.  You’re broke.  You still need to get last-minute gifts for your colleague, racquetball partner, and cousin.


Answer: Antengo it.

Question: What is Antengo?

Antengo is the mobile solution for local marketplaces; think Craigslist meets Twitter.  Antengo brings free classifieds to smartphones (Craigslist) in 140 characters or less (Twitter) with geo-tagging and anonymous instant messaging.

Because you’re quickly running out of time but still have much to do before the arrival of the king of holidays, Antengo provides the perfect solution for the price-sensitive, time-pressed shopper.

Instead of getting Stacy that expensive sweater from Macy’s that’ll end up collecting dust in her closet for the rest of time, skip the hefty price tag, skip the mall, and quickly connect with local sellers.  Flip through the photo-list filter (see below) to get a quick visual representation of the items available for sale in your area.  Once you find the perfect gift, send a message to the seller, and before you know it you’ve crossed off the last name on your Xmas to-do list.


See, "Last Minute Gift". Get some.

Scenario 2:  You were a good boy/girl this year.  You didn’t procrastinate.  You’re savvy – you got all of your gifts on Cyber Monday at 30% off.  But you know that every December 25th marks a time for receiving a load of unwanted gifts.  “Sorry Aunt Melba, but that sweater looks like mold and glitter.

Fear not, someone nearby will want that sparkly, moldy, holiday sweater, and best of all, that person will give you money for it (really).

Simply select the “post” option on the homescreen, add a title and description (remember <140 characters), snap a shot of your sweater, input your asking price, select your category, and finally geo-tag the selling location so the ugly sweater aficionado knows where he can give you his money.  Simple as that.

”]add a photo screen AntengoSo make the most out of your holiday season and download the Antengo iPhone app today.

Note: Antengo was originally featured at the San Diego Tech Cocktail mixer earlier this year.

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