LastPass Wallet Helps You Unclutter Your Physical Wallet

May 24, 2012

3:00 pm

LastPass has just released the Wallet app for iOS, which securely stores and syncs notes, images, audio clips, and more, all for free. This nifty app helps you easily unclutter your physical wallet.Wallet screenshot

If you are new to LastPass, their goal is to help the world remember their passwords and better manage their online lives.  Once you set up your account, start adding text, audio and photo notes – and no, it is not another Evernote. There are at least two main differences:

First, LastPass Wallet provides you with templates for your notes to store your important info. There are forms for credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses, membership cards, bank accounts, and more. You also have an option to add a blank note and write whatever your want.

Second, LastPass Wallet encrypts your data. All the notes you store in the app are stored in the cloud and synced to all browsers, computers, and mobile devices.

“With Wallet, if you lose your physical wallet, you’ll have a secure backup that makes it easier to start over,” said CEO Joe Siegrist.  “You’ve also laid the foundation for securely managing access to your life, online and off.”

You can download the app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad here.

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