July 4 is America’s Launch Day. How Did You Celebrate Your Launch Day?

July 4, 2013

11:00 am

If America is a startup, then July 4 is kind of like our launch day. In fact, America is like a startup – founded by a group of rogue pioneers who decided to rebel against “big corporation” Britain and write their own rules.

July 4 is now celebrated with fireworks and barbecues. So we asked startups: how did you celebrate your launch day?


“We had a big celebration the day we submitted our app to the app store.

Our tradition is to play ‘Final Countdown’ by Europe in the final minutes before the big event, then ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem, and then ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ of course. We all did this together and had the volume way high up. Once we could see that the app was ready for submission, I gave the team each a tube of confetti and we let it out as soon as our main developer pushed the submit button. The entire office was covered in it for days.”

Nataly Kogan, cofounder of Happier


“To celebrate the launch of our startup, we rented a house in Shelter Island (about two hours from Manhattan) with our significant others. We invited friends, family, and people who helped us achieve our goal.”

– Aron Susman, cofounder, TheSquareFoot

“I recently launched Foundersuite.com and, to celebrate, we are renting a large group campsite in the Presidio in San Francisco, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and entrance to the Bay (it’s gorgeous – a really special spot – and very historical). We are throwing a party there on the 4th and have about 20 startup founders and friends coming for BBQ and beers.”

– Nathan Beckord, cofounder and CEO, Foundersuite

Going out 

“We celebrated the launch of our company by quitting our jobs, emailing everyone we knew, and taking our dogs to one of our favorite restaurant/bars at Santa Monica airport,­ The Spitfire Grill.”

– John Duffield, principal, Departure3

“Our Cambridge, MA, startup Dapper celebrated by going kayaking on the Charles River.”

– Steve McGarry, CEO, Dapper

“We celebrated at Father’s Office, a well known local LA burger joint with fine craft beers and great food, and took some time to reflect on our work so far as well as to imagine the long journey still ahead of us.”

– Brian Nickerson, CEO and cofounder, Chippmunk


“Celebrating the launch…I thought the celebrations were supposed to be saved for when you cash out and net at least a million bucks??”

– Patrick Barnhill, owner, Specialist ID


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