Launch Fest 2013: Launch Pad Showcases 8 Startups in New Orleans

May 7, 2013

5:00 pm

Launch Fest is an event that combines an entrepreneurship conference with a demo day for the Launch Pad accelerator class of 2013, and yesterday marked their fourth annual event.

The goal of this year’s Launch Fest, from the startup perspective, was to showcase the best investment-ready companies in New Orleans to local angel and national VC communities.

Entertainment was plentiful, with a jam-packed roster of speakers during the morning segment – including Alexis Ohanion – and impressive company demos in the afternoon.

One of the major highlights of the morning, was when a renegade company rushed the stage and campaigned for a new web series. The series, Sunken City, features actors portraying entrepreneurs as they go through the Launch Pad accelerator program.

Everything led to the afternoon segment, however, where eight companies got to stand up, strut their stuff, and present their companies to an energized and excited audience.

  • Anedot serves as a donation platform to raise money and manage donor bases for political causes and campaigns.
  • Staff Insight is a suite of three web-based healthcare workforce management tools that helps small to medium-sized hospitals manage the transition in healthcare billing and quality assurance.
  • Sidework is a web-based restaurant training product that operates on the principle that customer service can be improved through more efficient staff training.
  • Dreanie is a management platform for vacation investment properties geared towards helping property owners build profitable rental businesses with their portfolios.
  • eTaxCreditExchange is an online marketplace for buying and selling tax credits that has transacted almost $15 million in the three months the tax credit exchange has been launched.
  • Tutti Dynamics is Guitar Hero for real musicians, and it produces highly interactive educational lessons for anybody who wishes to study real music.
  • Engine saves you from email overload with a Gmail Chrome extension that adds an intelligent layer to email to make managing email and communications easier and more intelligent.
  • Enriched Schools staffs talent for schools when a teacher is absent. Instead of substitute teachers, entrepreneurs, chefs, or musicians come into the classroom.


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