Launch by Quixey: An Android Launcher with Great Potential

November 13, 2015

9:15 am

There are two ways to make your Android phone feel new: You either spend some money and grab a new phone or – the cheaper version – change the overall experience by downloading apps providing a better home-screen experience. Launchers are key in customizing the smartphone experience, and the best of them allow the user to tweak the handset’s behavior to suit daily usage. Currently in public beta, Launch by Quixey steps onto this playing field and is well worth your time.

Launch by Quixey is a nicely designed, intuitive and well-developed Android launcher that will take over your home screen to provide a much better experience through a clean, minimalist interface. It provides four powerful buttons (features) alongside the apps it notices you use most: Cards, Apps, People, and Search.

With Launch by Quixey on your phone, you can swipe right from your home screen to browse a customized feed of information, thanks to a feature called Deep View Cards. Think weather information, places nearby, Uber, Bing News, and more. The number of cards is limited right now, but the developers promise to add many more soon.

Another feature I’ve found useful while testing the Launch app is People: It suggests contacts based on your patterns, so you can text, call, or email them. Just tap on the contact.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first hit Search: i’s powerful, as it searches for the given keyword in apps, people, messages, deep cards, and more. As for the apps, Launch gives an excellent and organized look to all your apps without the hassle of scrolling and searching. And the more you use the launcher, the better it gets as it learns your patterns.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with the default settings: Launch allows you to add custom widgets to your home screen or change the background image and other options.

Overall, I think Launch by Quixey is off to good start. The Deep View Cards look promising, and the other features work well. Launch by Quixey is currently in public beta and is available for free from Google Play.


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