LaunchCode: The One-Touch Way to Launch Apps on Your Phone

November 24, 2015

7:00 pm

An engineer who has been busy developing productivity apps for years has now come up with a whole new way to launch apps. It’s called LaunchCode, and it allows users to assign different gestures to actions such as calling your sweetheart or another person.

When you first launch the app you’ll go through a short tutorial, and fortunately, the learning curve is gentle, as using the app is pretty easy – it’s all in your fingers. LaunchCode comes with a set of predefined gestures, and I recommend enabling the widget available in the notification center, because it comes in very handy (available in Today’s notifications) when you want to perform a regular action such as calling your sweetheart with just the tap of a button.


It’s like a launch dock right on your iPhone with three pages: one for launching apps; another for doing some complex actions such as calling Mom, opening, or searching for nearby coffee shops on Google Maps; and the third for settings.

launchcode -3

To make things easier I used several of the default codes and tried to memorize them, since they were easy, but the next step was to create my own launch codes. You can even replace the default launch codes. By the way, LaunchCode is compatible with 100 apps (and counting).

I must note that although I tested the free version, there is a full version as well: the difference between the two is that the paid version offers unlimited apps and actions, while the free version does not allows users only a limited number of shortcuts (5). Oh, and if you are willing to pay $1.99, you’ll eliminate the ads.

Using LaunchCode was fun: it was fun to see how some simple gestures could launch apps on my iPhone or save precious seconds by performing predefined actions such as getting me map routes from where I was to home, or the location of coffee shops nearby on Google Maps. Nice features.



To make it work you need to record hand-written symbols, numbers, gestures, or alphabets to assign to an action. For example, you can draw an “e” into the draw field to launch the Mail app and start writing a new email.


Of course, you must draw the symbol as memorized, otherwise you’ll get the “symbol not recognized” response.

Another issue with the app was regarding my Mail app. There is a bug that prevents the Mail app from working properly – during my testing, I wasn’t able to send an email to anyone. When I tried to send an email, I got a “message was rejected by the server” error. This disappeared only when I uninstalled it, but reappeared when I re-downloaded the app.

Such bugs will hopefully be addressed by the developer in a future update. Otherwise, LaunchCode is a nice app, especially when you assign actions to your gestures. That’s where the app excels and eases your workflow. Download LaunchCode for free from the App Store.

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