Launchway Media Talks Being an All-Women Team in Latin America

May 15, 2017

12:50 pm

Launchway Media is a digital agency specializing in data-driven marketing campaigns for global startups, with a record for helping technology startups, especially in Latin America, launch and grow their products or services on a global scale. They’re also a three-woman operation: Nora Leary is the head of marketing, Katie Griffing is the head of operations, Caitlin Sanders is the creative director, and all three are co-founders.

Launchway’s unique location and business model — the bilingual marketers operate out of Latin America and help startups navigate the area’s business ecosystem — give them an interesting startup story of their own. Here’s the story of how the marketing team struck out on their own and what lessons they learned in the process.

One Lesson? Find Your Niche

The three team members all hail from the United States originally, but have lived in Latin America for the past five years, an experience that has given them insider knowledge on the challenges faced by those in emerging markets.

“Our founding team met in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2013,” Launchway tells me, “and we decided to start the company in 2015 after working together for two years at another web development and marketing agency. We decided to use our connections and prior experiences in the U.S. to tap into the growing startup ecosystem in Latin America and help startups here.

There are many entrepreneurs creating innovative products and services for the U.S. market that need native English speakers to help them market their ideas. As bilingual marketers with experience working in the LatAm tech industry, we have a particularly unique voice and perspective to offer companies in the region.”

Stand Out From the Crowd

Launchway knows what it takes to help their clients stand apart from other startups and get into a top-tier accelerator program:

“Most startups can’t afford to hire a full-time marketer,” they say. “Not to mention, the entire interviewing and recruiting process can waste a great deal of the team’s valuable time. By outsourcing marketing tasks to us, startups often get the same amount (or more) work done by an entire team of marketing experts for the same costs as hiring one person.

Our clients have been through a variety of accelerator programs: 500 Startups Mountain View, Naranya Labs, NXTP Labs, Start-Up Chile, TechStars Austin, Venture Hive, and more, so we also offer accelerator application services to help startups edit and perfect their application, pitch video, and pitch decks so they can get into a top program.”

The Possibilities of Latin America’s Tech Ecosystem

It is an interesting time to be a woman in tech working in Latin America, Launchway tells me.

“Technology here is a bit behind the U.S.,” they explain, “which means the region has time to fix the mistakes that the U.S. made about integrating women in the field. Hopefully, and perhaps by learning from what went wrong in the states, Latin America can do a better job of making sure women are treated equally in the industry.

Since there is also more ground for female entrepreneurs to cover, the growing startup ecosystem in Latin America makes for an exciting environment full of possibilities. There are many business models that have already thrived in U.S. but have yet to catch on in Latin America, and that leaves many opportunities for those who are innovating, regardless of gender.”

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