Lauren Fritsch Delves Into Customer Experience (CX) [VIDEO]

November 12, 2015

2:00 pm

Lauren Fritsch is the founder and CEO of The Coaching Collective, a boutique management consulting firm that focuses on the unique needs of fast-growing, privately-held small to mid-market companies.  Fritch has a decade of experience in consulting and brand strategy and her clients have included the United States House of Representatives and Sallie Mae.She came to Tech.Co’s Celebrate Conference to talk to the crowd about something she calls Customer Experience (CX).

What is Customer Experience?

Fritsch defines CX as “the sum of all experience a customer has with a supplier of goods/services over the duration of their experience with that supplier.” She says this starts before the customer has bought anything until after the customer has used your product and it’s gone. All of these touch points are part of the customer experience.

Transformations Are Key to CX

There are internal and external transformations. The internal ones are harder to see from the outside (because they’re internal…duh), but are the most critical element to providing quality customer experiences that lead to conversions. This can be what you provide your customer as far as a specific emotion, or mindset, or perspective. “You’ve gotta understand the emotion to get to customer experience,” says Fritsch. For example, she says in her own line of work, she provides validation and peace of mind to her clients.

How Can Freytag’s Pyramid be Applied to Business?

Any English major will recognize Freytag’s Pyramid as the base of dramatic plot structure. Fritsch argues that the same principles can be applied to CX.

“This is the foundation of an emotional connection, with characters (a brand or product). This is the foundation of fans–fanaticism. This is the foundation of an emotional customer experience, says Fritsch. “This is all about creating drama. We start with the exposition. That’s where we get to know you. You tell us about the major players. You’re just setting the stage. You’ve got the rising action. That’s where stuff starts to happen. That’s where we say ‘Oh, I’m into this show.’ ” She continues, “you’ve got the climax. That’s where the big bang happens. Something is totally crazy and the protagonist has got to figure it out.  You’ve got falling action where things are starting to look like they’re going to sort themselves out.”

Fritsch applies Freytag’s Pyramid to business. She has created her own narrative arc in terms of customer experience.

Freytag's pyramid

In her arc for customer experience, she translates each one of the stages along the pyramid into a phase the customer goes through.

  • Exposition = Meet & Greet
  • Rising Action = Getting to Know One Another
  • Climax = Making the Commitment
  • Falling Action = Putting it Into Practice
  • Denouement = Satisfaction

This is just a taste of everything that Fritsch gets into about CX. You can watch the entire video here.

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