Lawyer Marketplace Can Help You Decipher Confusing Legal Documents

October 6, 2016

10:30 am

It’s no secret that the finer points of law are a bit confusing. Parking tickets, moving violations, and even divorce papers are often incredibly dense thanks to these finer points, making it impossible to deal with them on your own. Unfortunately, finding a lawyer can be just as hard. Fortunately, one startup is hoping to change that.

Should I Sign is a secure online legal marketplace that connects individuals and businesses looking for legal solutions with pre-vetted attorneys, without billing surprises. Users can do everything from partake in a brief phone call to get advice to a legal project with a fixed-price point. And, perhaps more important, trust and affordability is at the center of this startup’s model.

“Our biggest challenge is overcoming the stigma that many people have about attorneys – which is they cost too much,” said Nait Patel, Co-CEO and cofounder of Should I Sign, in a press release. “This stigma is driven more by the uncertainty of costs vs the actual cost. Through Should I Sign, knowing what a particular legal task will cost up front provides our users with a lot more comfort.”

If you’ve ever had a legal issue, your mouth is probably watering at the prospect of having an affordable lawyer in your corner. Even if it’s just to get advice, the average lawyer has a fee that ranges from $100 to $400 per hour. And if you’re already involved in a legal matter, the last thing you have is expendable income to waste on 60-minutes of a trained professionals time. And time is really the only thing users need at this point.

“The time we save them by not having to go on a wild goose chase finding and vetting attorneys on their own, we hope to see more and more people utilizing lawyers during critical moments in their personal and business lives,” said Patel in the same release.”

The on-demand economy has made a lot of things easier. From watching movies to ordering food, startups and technology have helped to make the world a little smaller. And with legal troubles becoming more and more of a problem, services like Should I sign could make finding justice a little easier for the little guy.

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