Lead Layer: Email Marketing Arrives on Mobile Apps

October 8, 2015

4:00 pm

When Apple pulled the discovery service and daily deal application App Gratis from the App Store in 2013, everyone thought the business was gone.  After all with no app in the App Store, you are dead. End of story.

But wait! That’s just the pessimistic version of the scenario. There was a solution to save the business, and now Lead Layer’s Jorge Diaz wants to make that tool available to all app developers.

App Gratis is alive and doing well — thank you very much — because it was doing more than just pushing its users the latest deals: it was also building an email list. It still sells app promotions for app developers, but now it is using its email list and an Android app.

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tactics, Jorge believes, and that’s what triggered him to develop Lead Layer. What is Lead Layer? It’s the first mobile SDK, allowing app publishers to collect email addresses within their apps.

With just a few lines of code, developers can set up their apps to ask for email addresses from users. The result is a database of leads for their marketing materials, newsletters, or other sales outreaches. Lead Layer integrates with all the popular email providers, including Mailchimp, Aweber, and more.


Before making it public, Jorge tested it, and it works just fine: he was able to generate 47,580 emails using Lead Layer with his app, 1app. By the way, if you check all the big companies, you’ll find that they all have email lists: think Apple or Amazon. Do you get emails from them? Of course, because they all use the power of email marketing.

Jorge says email list building is the pillar and foundation of Lead Layer, but he thinks ahead and envisions an ROI positive platform for app developers and companies. But that’s the future.

What Lead Layer promises now is the ability to capture a user’s name and email address so you can start communicating with him or her. As an app developer, you can set up and run campaigns that connect to marketing tools you already use. You can use tested mobile landing pages inside the app.

If this sounds like a tool you need, Lead Layer is looking for “Founder members,” which means you will get up to an 80% discount from the normal price when the product is ready for the public. Until then, you can help Jorge by participating in the program, reporting bugs you might encounter, and submitting feedback and suggestions.

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