LeadGenius Finds Leads; You Secure Them

January 19, 2015

12:30 pm

One of the most important aspects of a business is the generation of leads; leads in this case meaning the potential customers who would be a great fit for your product or service. Lead generation is also one of the most time-consuming activities. Luckily, there are companies out there who focus on lead generation, LeadGenius is one such company. This frees up your time, and allows you to focus on what is important, securing the leads generated by LeadGenius. You know you’ll be getting quality, worthwhile leads that warrant your energy and time, because you have a company that exists to drum up the leads for you.

LeadGenius generates these leads through multiple outlets. Automated crawlers crunch data throughout the web to determine which leads will produce the desired outcome. They also utilize a team of trained employees to scour the web for leads. This includes looking through job listings, Kickstarter, and LinkedIn, in addition to a multitude of other outlets. This combination of automation and real human legwork allows LeadGenius to deliver to their clients the best possible leads.

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LeadGenius will not close the deal for you however, that is completely on you. They simply deal with the time consuming, sometimes monotonous, task of finding the leads. You will still have to secure those meetings, and make those phone calls, but now you’ll have confidence going in that this lead will not be a waste of time.

Different plan options are available depending on your needs. They range from a Basic Plan which generates (up to) 700 leads a month to Enterprise Level which generates 2000 leads a month. Higher level packages also offer unlimited accounts among team members and outreach programs that will send prospecting emails and follow up emails.

Stop wasting time with disconnected phone numbers and dead email addresses. If you feel you’re spending too much time generating leads and not enough time closing deals, then using a User Acquisition as a Service (UAaaS) company, such as LeadGenius, might be the solution.


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