Lean In Circles Debut on Mightybell

August 22, 2013

5:00 pm

Lean In, the movement spearheaded by Sheryl Sandberg to help women pursue their ambitions, has found a home on Mightybell.

Over 7,000 circles have been created on the community platform, where Lean In supporters can share and discuss content, organize meetups, and send private messages. Members form their own groups, so you can find circles for military women, women in particular cities, and even father-daughter relationships. Each has around eight to ten members.

Mightybell screenshot

“It’s almost like a book club with a purpose,” says Gina Bianchini, the founder of Mightybell and cofounder of Ning. She’s friends with Sandberg, and approached her with the idea of creating a Lean In community on Mightybell.

In the process, Bianchini was also testing out a new feature: Mightybell Communities. Previously, the site was like your regular social network or community platform, with one page for each group. Now, publicly launched on Monday, these Communities allow organizations to split up their groups into local chapters or interest-based communities.

Bianchini imagines tons of uses for Mightybell Communities, from nationwide organizations with local branches to teachers with multiple classes to foodies organizing different-themed dinner parties. Levo League, a community of young women professionals, also helped test out the platform.

Group organizers can post articles and discussions that are broadcast across all the individual circles, while each circle can still have its own tight-knit conversations. If you wanted to have the same experience on Facebook or LinkedIn, you’d have to manage tons of groups one by one, tediously posting the same content. Or you could lump everyone into one big group and spend lots of time moderating comments and deleting spam.

Mightybell’s approach empowers members to lead their own communities – and if Lean In and Levo are any indication, women are up to the challenge. As Mightybell opens up, we’ll see what other groups can be lured away from LinkedIn and Facebook.

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