Leaner, Beautiful Data Visualization with Chartio

July 8, 2013

5:06 pm

Managing the behemoth of data in the cloud BI market is a challenge companies both large and small are beginning to sift through. The key is how to visualize the data in a way that is both intuitive and beautiful. Y Combinator startup, Chartio offers a hybrid cloud solution with the perk of bypassing the need for data warehousing. The perk is that there’s no lag. The data in your dashboards is always as fresh as the data in your databases.

If your company hosts data on MySQL, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud Databases, Heroku, Google Analytics or Salesforce, you’re in luck. Simply connect your reporting database, not your raw data, to create your custom dashboard of charts and graphs. Chartio makes it easy for tech-savvy business users to iterate quicker and save time creating charts without having to go through an IT person.

With drill down features and global filters, the information can be easily customized through the simple drag and drop features. The pricing is based on the number of people who are using it regardless of how monstrous your data source is. Your cost is $50 per user, per month, period. Current customers range from Fab.com to Mozilla to the Dallas Museum of Art. Companies who have data and need to see it charted can customize their analytics with Chartio.

“We realized that smaller companies are storing almost as much, if not more, than the big guys,” explains founder and CEO, Dave Fowler. “They don’t have the tools and financial resources to visualize it.” While there are million dollar tools out there for big enterprise companies, they come with the price of hiring client service representatives and hours of training to get them up to speed. The business intelligence market clearly needed something, and Chartio offered this wedge to service companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

“In 20 years, everyone is going to have a dashboard of what’s important to them,” expresses Fowler when asked what a world of total Chartio domination would look like. “Data is seeping into everyone’s job in marketing, sales, engineering and the executive level– people are getting smarter about what they want to see and know.”

Founded in 2010 and having launched in San Francisco in November 2012, Chartio already raised $3.15 million in a Series A round in 2011. They are continuing to build, launch, and make data beautiful. “We’re helping companies make better data-driven decisions with an amazingly ripe, smarter-than-they-are-fun-team,” says Fowler. For the technical and non-technical people alike, data can now be cut, sliced, and served in a way that means the most to you.

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