Totally Real Program Will Teach You Business Jargon [VIDEO]

April 8, 2016

2:40 pm

The corporate world can be a treacherous place. From faulty WiFi to cut-throat coworkers, there is a new threat around every corner. And if you feel like you can’t get ahead at work because of your lack of professionalism, it’s time to put down that day planner and drop your to-do list because there is a new, totally real educational program looking to increase your knowledge of business jargon.

The Center for Corporate Studies aims to help students leverage the power of business jargon in the corporate world to get ahead. Some programs focus on developing skills, honing communication methods and working hard. Not this program. At The Center for Corporate Studies, you can be assured that hard work and skill development aren’t on the menu. They are all about making decks, framing the problem and bridging the gap, which are actually the names of some of their many courses.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single eight-week course,” says founder and CEO John Kato in a statement.

Founder and CEO John Kato got the idea for the program while creating a line of business-centric breakfast foods including Honey Nut Checks and High Probability Charms. His frequent presence on “CEOs You Should Watch” lists made him wish to share his knowledge with the world. And people love it.

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. After CCS, I’m the dog that eats the other dog,” says CCS student Rachel Caites.

The Center for Corporate Studies also provides students with tools to help them through their corporate journey. In addition to a business jargon translator that helps students get the perfect words for their next email, they also provide a startup creator. This will give you budding entrepreneurs the ideas they need to thrive in the startup world, like “Slack for Eyeglasses” or “Uber for Quinoa.”

If you are worried that your business jargon training is not suited to your specific needs, The Center for Corporate Studies has recently opened up another totally real program that can help startup employees get their footing in a new career. Deemed “Disruptr”, this startup-focused program will get you prepared for all the exponential growth, unicorn rodeos and different types of Uber that you’ll come across.

In addition to John Kato’s integral involvement in the company, Thanks Laura, a comedic production company, has played a huge role in the birth of these program. While this may seem suspicious to some, Kato wants to assure naysayers that The Center for Corporate Studies is a totally real educational program and that you should totally enroll today.

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