Leveraging Digital Intelligence for Competitive Insight

October 5, 2014

6:00 pm

Digital intelligence often gets mentioned for how it’s used (and possibly abused) by advertisers or governmental agencies, but what you may not know is that it can be a valuable tool for keeping an online eye on your competition. How can you leverage the power of digital intelligence for your own benefit? Here are the top tips and tools for how to find out what your competitors are doing by using digital intelligence.

Know who clicks, when: Understand what brings visitors to your site (and the sites of your competitors) as a valuable way of measuring your marketing ROI.  Compete is a robust tool for click stream analytics that also allows you to track search analytics based on keywords so you can see what’s leading visitors to which sites.

Keep an eye on your competition’s websites: The search box at Urlinfo gives you analytics so you know what’s going on behind the scenes of a site, including other sites linking to it, a powerful way to identify possible alliances. For predicting changes in the company and possible business plan switches, use WatchThatPage to monitor your competition’s websites and find out by email when edits are made.

The news isn’t just for morning commute reading anymore: Search analytics are great, but the news is a valuable resource for measuring PR success and being in the know about what’s going on in your industry. How can you keep track of so many news outlets? Google News is by far one of the most comprehensive tools and it alerts you when your competition or relevant keywords are mentioned, so you can see who is gaining press attention for what.

Keep up with the secrets of their marketing: A great tool is AdClarity, which gives you top-of-the-line, detailed digital media intelligence to see exactly what your competition is up to, how it compares, and why it matters to your marketing campaign.

There you go – our handpicked selection of the best tools to help you begin your digital intelligence investigation. Remember to use social media channels and live comments from customers to gain further insight into what is working for your competition and what isn’t. The biggest tool your competition gives you is statistics for measuring how you match up and what moves you should pursue.


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Yoav Vilner is the Co-Founder of Ranky.co. Yoav is a columnist for top tier media such as Inc Magazine, TheNextWeb and VentureBeat, and is wildly passionate about all-things-tech.

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