Life: There’s an App to Automate That

December 6, 2014

6:00 pm

The world of technology has brought huge innovations and developments in the last twenty to thirty years, making several tasks much easier to perform – if not automate completely. Relying on some online or physical service to perform our tasks is what we have pretty much come to accept as the norm. The number of this kind of automated services are endless, covering a vast array of areas, tasks, and functions of our lives. Here are four great examples:

Uber provides a driving service that, much like a taxi, picks people wherever they want and take them anywhere they want to go. Unlike a taxi, this can be done in a stylish fashion, as users can choose the type of car they prefer to be transported in, order a ride, and pay for the service all based on a mobile app.

It is even possible to hire people to park your car – pretty much like a valet service. ZIRX also works through a mobile app, giving drivers the ability to skip the hassle of finding a parking spot. ZIRX’s agents will meet the driver, collect the vehicle, store it in a highly secure facility (and this process is covered by a $2,000,000 insurance) and then return the vehicle to the driver when requested.

The way our gadgets and online services can be automated to connect with each other is perfectly managed by IFTTT. This stands for If This Then That: IFTTT is a free service that will automate all your tech and web-related chores. If you have an appointment, then the app can be programmed to send you an SMS reminder. If your Facebook picture is updated, then the app can be programmed to change your Twitter picture. If the weather forecast predicts rain, then set a program to send you an email. These are only a few examples: the possibilities (or recipes, as they are called) are nearly endless.

TBut this automation can reach other and even more “mundane” aspects of your life, using more traditional ways of dealing with some tasks. For example, taking care of your lawn is something that, most likely, will not change that much in the future, so it will keep being a laborious and tedious thing to do. Lawn Love is a web app that offers a fully-featured lawn service, that will not only mow but also undertake a complete process to care for your lawn, with the help of skilled lawn care technicians that will do a great job, providing a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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